TheboathouseWelcome to the boathouse. This unassuming little shop front would be curious in any other landlocked city, but not here in Sigil. At the center of the multiverse this city doesn’t think much of the strange name, they assume some sod from the prime must be missing some old land. Little do they know that the name is quite literal. The boathouse is in fact the headquarters of a band of pirates led by Therad’luun a Githzerai pirate who hails from the elemental chaos. Framed for the death of his lifemate, he left his monastery and began a life of adventure on the roiling seas of flame and ice. Amassing a small fleet of ships at some point he established this base in the city of doors. The secret is that one portal, a door that currently leads to an unassuming closet in the map room, is keyed to several model ships. Each one corresponding to a vessel on the different planes.

Therad’luun’s goal is simple. Don’t ruin a bad thing. Would the secret of the boathouse get out, every power broker in the city would be out to sieze the property from him. Especially the new Finance Consortium. A thinly veiled ploy to give the Fated a new foothold in Sigil, Therad’luun fears they already suspect something with his success as a fence. The pirates senior group consists of his shipright Tinderbeard, an Azer arcanist and tinkerer, his bo’sun Dusk, a grim Tiefling swashbuckler, and his first mate Thorn, a Bladeling warrior sworn to a benign vision of Bane’s deterministic philosophy. The fifth senior member is the mysterious Mad Deva. Covered in boils and bandages and dressed in a shabby mockery of traditional Deva winged vestments, the reason for his presence amongst the pirates is known only to Therad’luun. In addition is the Paymaster a rogue Modron who has an unlikely camaraderie with Dusk, and a deep seated paranoia that he will be reclaimed by the Modron’s legalistic ruler Primus. While he may be quirky and irreverant for a modron, he is as frustratingly like a modron to the rest of the boathouse.

A younger band has just been recruited, and you are one of them. The boathouse accepts all misfits, and adventurers, and have a mix of philosophies on the morality of what they do. Therad’luun for his part is an honorable man and holds the pirates of the boathouse to a simple thieves code, and will expect you to comport yourself in a somewhat similar fashion. In exchange you will train with some of the greatest adventurers of the cage and have access to the fleet of ships, and perhaps one day be a captain of the pirate fleet.

The Boathouse

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