Transcendent Order

The Order has existed for hundreds of years, but in many ways, it has no history. Like certain other factions, especially the Sensates and Xaositects, the Transcendent Order exists in the now, living for the moment, in the moment.

Like the Signers, the Takers, the Godsmen, and the Sensates, the Ciphers concern themselves with . . . themselves. They look inward more than any other faction, even more than the Signers. This trait tends to remove them from the events of history, even as it unites them with the multiverse.

In a way, the Ciphers resemble the Harmonium – after all, they both strive for harmony. Like the Guvners, the Indeps, and the Anarchists, they seek truth. In their search, they encourage members to harmonize body and mind, and this harmony of self somehow lends harmony to the multiverse too. Members of this faction influence history subtly just by doing what they do best.

The Order’s triumphs wind up recorded mostly in other factions’ histories. The Ciphers,
more than any other faction, share ideals with other groups and don’t anger any of ’em too much. Therefore, without even trying, they bring into effect what the Harmonium seeks, but probably will never bring about. Merely by searching for their own proper place in the multiverse, Ciphers serendipitously find themselves having served to balance the other factions by eliminating the extremes. Whenever a faction acted in an unusual way – whenever the Dustmen showed passion, whenever the Guvners showed compassion, whenever the Xaositects seemed organized – chances are good that a Cipher stood behind it.

Lots of high-ups in the Cage asked the Order to mediate disputes because Ciphers had a natural tendancy to balance the actions of others. As this nature fosters compromise they often stopped factions from going to war before either side even realized they were close.

Beacause of this the Tiefling monk Factol Rhys was able to seve as a member of the Sigil Advisory Council after abandoning her official role as Factol and now serves as a member of the Sigil Advisory Council. For the sake of appearances the Order no longer regularly instructs followers within the precincts of the Gymnasium and meet in the courtyards of rich patrons in the Lady’s ward. They are in the process of building a magnificent monastery in Shom and have developed a slightly higher profile as the current Factol a passionate Genasi priestess of Ioun, J’Halz-rhee has been trying to solicit donors to the project.

Transcendent Order Theme

Level 1 Feature: You gain the Bloodied Focus Power
Level 5 Feature: You gain a +2 Power bonus to AC versus opportunity attacks
Level 10 Feature: You gain a +2 to Power Bonus to your Reflex Defense

Bloodied Focus
In the middle of the fight you still your mind and begin to act quickly and without thought
Daily Triggered Action
Trigger: You spend your second wind while bloodied
Effect: You move to the top of the initiative order.

Transcendent Order

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