The Dustmen

(“The Dead”) believe that both life and death are false states of existence, that there is a state of True Death which can only be accomplished by denying one’s emotions and physical wants and needs (a conception similar to oblivion, but also conceivably to Nirvana).

The Dustmen are a very old faction, predating even the Bleakers. Fact is, many claim this was the first faction, old as death itself. Of course, no Dustman would make such a claim himself.
That’d resemble bragging, which a body might take as a sign of emotion. The Dead, known for their stoicism, can seem a boring lot. They seldom talk about anytbing except death, so they never bother to discuss the “birth” of their faction. It‘s not even fun to call one a “berk,” because he won’t bristle, won’t take offense. A cutter gets depressed just thinking of this lot.

It’s odd – the Dustmen never seem to get depressed themselves, at least most of ’em don’t. While nobody would call them “happy,” the Dead appear kind of satisfied with things. Never cheery or sad, never angry or joyous,they exist in a weird equilibrium.

And that’s the way it‘s always been, at least as far as scholars can tell from books about the faction’s history. No one can recall when the Dustmen weren’t around – though maybe the powers could, if a body’d care to ask them. The Dead have always gotten along pretty well with other folks and most other factions. It’s hard for someone so boring to offend.

Their apathy allowed them to be one of the few factions that maintained a presence in Sigil following the Faction war. Their headquarters is the Mortuary, where Sigil’s dead are interred or cremated. The former Factol Skall, a lich with the flair for the dramatic retreated to the Fortress of the Soul, the Dustmen citadel that rested in the heart of a pocket of elemental void in the plane below. The scholars of the Fortress have not been heard of in many years. Meanwhile the Dustmen of Sigil have maintained a low profile as mortuary workers.

This changed when a woman claiming to be a factotum named L’dritch Eye appeared in Sigil claiming to have correspondence with Skall. While the mortuary has refused to acknowledge her legitimacy she has been meeting a select group of dustmen in secret hideouts and tasking them with missions that she claims come from Skall himself. She has taken a particular interest in a young smuggler of the Boathouse.

Dustmen Theme

Level 1 Feature: You gain the Undead Truce Power
Level 5 Feature: You gain a +2 to Diplomacy, Insight, against undead and a +2 bonus to Arcana or Religion Knowledge Checks about shadow or undead creatures.
Level 10 Feature: You gain a +2 to Death Saving Throws. You suffer no penalties from being resurrected.

Undead Truce
You cautiously signal you will honor the Dustmen truce with the Undead. The same will not hold true for your friends.
Encounter Standard Action Stance
Effect: While this stance is active you are slowed and the square you occupy cannot be targeted by creatures with the shadow origin or undead keyword. This stance ends if you attack a creature with the shadow origin or undead keyword and you grant combat to such creatures till the end of the encounter.

The Dustmen

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