The Boathouse

Chapter 3 The Impostor Prince

Where the Heroes find that all is not what it seems in the Temple of the Weeping Goddess

As the heroes, accompanied by the cat Zelda ventured into the upper reaches of the temple the winds continued to howl and the cries of the Prince of Storms rang out throughout the earthmote. As they explored the upper floors of the temple they found murals of mosaics depicting Avandra, but as none of them were particularly versed in Religious knowledge the meaning was lost on them.

As Lucan Stellos opened a door he almost fell to the ground below as the door led to a demolished area of the temple. Continuting past the sanctuary where Avandra had been beheld they characters stole up stealthily to the room where the Prince of Storms could be heard bellowing. Peering inside they spotted minions of the prince, elemental creatures of air and water and spinning vortexes of wind guarded the cupola where the prince was belowing orders from. The heroes lept into action and with arrows flying and the magic song and curses being hurled the smashed through the creatures. During the melee Zelda the cat made a beeline for the cupola. As the heroes fought the bellows that came forth from the cupola rocked them with thunderous bursts, while skittering strikes of lightning glanced down from below.

The heroes bolted up the stairway to face the Prince only to find, not a great Primordial, but a tiny mephit whose voice was magnified by the enchantment of the cupola into thunderous blasts. Suffering arrows and spells the mephit was finally cut down by Quibbs. Who stared the mephit down at the end of his sword. Before the could interrogate the diminutive imp, the cupola filled with light and the aspect of Avandra came into view, no longer weeping but smiling upon the heroes.



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