The Boathouse

Chapter 2: Entering the Sanctuary

Where the Heroes come face to face with a Goddess, mad with grief

With one hand she reached out an accusatory finger that drew heroes to her altar, while the other hand conjured up wrathful blasts of divine light to punish the heroes she called defilers in an incomprehensible madness. The undead ended their dance and began to attack the heroes. With a few well placed arrows and eldritch blasts the ancient sailor corpses fell, however the Goddess herself could not be harmed. Dragged through divine power before her altar the heroes frantically implored the Goddess to recognize her error that they were not her enemy. The Warlock attempted to lie to the goddess that they were there to worship her, but she saw through this trickery. The elf Lucan recognized that as guardian of sailors she was acting out of character, this startled the Goddess’ aspect as she began to doubt her treatment of the heroes the Changeling called out for mercy as a sailor like those she was sworn to protect. As the Goddess came to her senses she vanished, but not before she smiled at Content Not Found: Quibbs. Quibbs suddenly noticed an opal pendant surrounded in platinum around his neck. Secreting it away under his chainmail he hid it from his party members.


The party continued to scour the temple when they came across the dretches that had been enslaved by the Storm Prince. Cloaked in a sickening miasma their demonic power seemed to be too much for the party, but the Dwarven Knight of the Unicorn strode forth and swinging her warhammer engaged in a brutal clash with the demonspawn. Struggling to go toe to toe with the swarm of dretches she protected the others who slung sword and spell and together they vanquished the miserable abyssians.

As they began to make there way to the second floor of the temple where the Storm Princes commands were bellowing forth from the North West tower the heroes chanced upon a cat named Zelda who they freed from the rubble. After healing the scared feline the cat began to follow them. Strangely fearless about the primordial who haunted the upper floors.


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