The Boathouse

Chapter 1: Shipwrecked

Where a battle on the Astral Sea set the destiny of our heroes in motion

While on a run the Boathouse smugglers experienced difficulty with their spelljamming helm. [[:Therad’luun]] negotiated a deal with some some passing rogue devils to purchase a spelljamming helm, however once installed on the ship it didn’t work well and was constantly stalling from some mystical interference. Nervous about the cargo on board from their latest caper the loaded the booty on the boathouse’s astral skiff and bet on making it back to Sigil with speed while Dusk and the junior crew tried to sail back to the Sigil portal on the malfunctioning spelljammer. Frustrated with the assignment Dusk weighed anchor over a color veil to Erishani and went to meet up with the Eladrin pirate queen Mel an old friend of his. Tasking the junior crew with watching the ship. While waiting the crew witnessed a portal open to the Elemental Chaos, and surprisingly quickly after a large comet like object streaked towards them.

The object revealed itself to be a giant city on a ship that came to a sudden stop right above them. From the ship descended a tall but stocky green humanoid with emerald skin and two faces looking out of both sides of his head. Wielding a maul in two hands he easily smashed through the smugglers and wrenched from the spelljamming helm a glowing shard while mentioning the name “Lakal.”

Before the heroes knew what happened the creature was gone and their ship was loosing it’s astral buoyancy and crashing towards the portal to the Elemental Chaos. They were moving so fast that the Elf and the Githyanki were unable to grab any of the riggings, as sails and masts snapped and half. Thankfully due to the quick thinking of the Revenant wizard they lept on to a Floating Disk ritual and suffered only minorly due to the impact of landing on an Earthburg in the elemental chaos.

Temple of avandra.jpg

Surrounded on all sides by fire and scalding steam, they began to explore the small island which was dominated by a giant temple in the center. Despite the whipping storms two voices could be heard, a weeping female voice, and the bellowing commands of some other creature. As they made their way around the isle they found the island was surrounded by ships crashed upon the shore, now frozen in a grey metallic ice. The deserted ships were being ravaged by a Changeling Dretch herder who had also crashed on the island who knew that the voices belonged to a Goddess of light who terrified his dretches, and a primordial known as the Prince of Storms who was enslaved half his herd to search the island for a stone. The changeling joined the group and they continued to explore the temple, coming across signs that the terrible Goddess was an aspect of the Good Goddess Avandra. When they entered the main sanctuary they came across dancing undead sailors and the vision of the Goddess herself. At first they were unnoticed, but when the Elf laid his hand on the weeping Goddess’ shoulder she exploded in anger. Avandra.jpg


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